Companies that will let you work from home and are hiring now

For those hunting for a job that will let them stay remote, job-search site FlexJobs on Monday released its ninth annual list of the companies that posted the most remote jobs over the past year. After nearly two years of pandemic-driven remote work, the list includes a record number of new companies and a substantial variety of titles, both signs the shift to hiring for remote-based jobs is here to stay. GitHub is an internet hosting provider and software development company. Their source code naturally needs plenty of tech specialists keeping it bug-free and functioning smoothly.

We analyzed 3,920 companies to find the absolute best remote companies to work for on the planet. With remote work shifting from a pandemic-era policy to a permanent business solution throughout 2022, this year’s top career categories reflect the wide-scale adoption of remote work across various industries. Employees’ and employers’ needs and desires are not yet aligned. For example, my previous post on future of work predictions shows that leaders prefer the office culture as only 12% of them say they have complete confidence that their team is productive.

How We Determine The Best Remote Companies To Work For

The company has a reputation for valuing a work-life balance and creating a healthy work environment while committing to making innovative progress in the world of productivity. In early 2020, Shane joined Virtira to challenge and scale its operational capabilities, strengthen team building and implement more robust Lean/Agile methodologies. As COO, he transformed all solution and practice areas, Operations, HR, IT, and the PMO. As a leader in his community, he formed the 700-person Okanagan Product and Project Management group, which allows regional businesses to share project & product management, business strategy, and operations best practices.

Doist is the company behind productivity tools like Todoist and Twist. They’ve been pioneers of async and remote work since 2010. Job benefits include one month annually to work on a personal project, an educational budget, and 40 days of PTO per year. Contra is a freelance marketplace to help connect hiring managers with independent contractors. Employee benefits include medical benefits, no meetings Tuesdays or Wednesdays, and generous time off. Buffer is a social media management software to help you store ideas, schedule social posts, and manage campaigns.


You may need to add a survey to your project to gather qualitative feedback before and after delivery. Hold a brainstorming call with a core planning team to set milestones and seek stakeholder input. For distributed projects, plans must be easy to understand and designed for all team members, executives, and non-project managers.

Octane AI is helping brands build deep relationships with their customers and personalize the shopping experience. The fully remote martech company employs team members in over 12 countries and actively encourages new employees to work from wherever they want. In addition to unlimited, paid vacation, they’ll also pay you when you take your first week-long vacation each year—a paid-paid vacation. VP of product Megan Berry says, “Octane AI is a great place to be a working mom. We have a culture that values productivity over face-time and the flexibility working parents need.” InfoTrust works with global brands to optimize the collection, management, and understanding of their digital marketing data. They offer remote work, flexible work, and a no-questions-asked open PTO policy, helping employees feel valued and able to complete their work with autonomy.

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They have employees from over 43 countries in 16 time zones. Employee benefits include paid sabbatical, flexible companies going fully remote paid time off, and a home office setup budget. Sporty Group is a consumer internet and technology business.

Companies with a remote form of work

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